NOTICE: Although being a custom by Trigger Happy the Gremlin, this character is NOT featured in LEGO 1001 Spears Vega.

Meconoba Halley Conozon
Character information
Name Meconoba Halley Conozon
Gender Male
Franchise Galaxy Adventures
Occupation Nexus Leaguer
Residence Halo Base
Exeter's Sword!
— Meco's first line when entering the game
Meco, at your service!
— Meco's second line when entering the game
When there is a grape, there is a way!
— Meco's third line when entering the game
Meco is a Galaxy Adventures character in LEGO Dimensions.


He was originally a human-sized Enderman wearing a white shirt with Mars and a star ship on it. During the crash of the Adventure Explorer, Meconoba was involved. He, along with Cipher, escaped on a star fighter that Trigger built. They arrived on Planet Gardens, were Meco got his knife and trained in the ways of a Nexus League member. Meco joined the Risk Squad and fought the Spider Queen, among other triumphs.


  • Vine Cut (Knife)
  • Sword Switches (Knife)


It is rapping time!
— Meco's line when in combat


  • He is portrayed by MilesRS677, who reprises his role in the game.