Meconoba Halley Conozon
Character information
Name Meconoba Halley Conozon
Gender Male
Franchise Galaxy Adventures
Occupation Nexus Leaguer
Residence Halo Base
Exeter's Sword!
— Meco's first line when entering the game
Meco is a Galaxy Adventures character in LEGO Dimensions.


He was originally a human-sized Enderman wearing a white shirt with Mars and a star ship on it. During the crash of the Adventure Explorer, Meconoba was involved. He, along with Cipher, escaped on a star fighter that Trigger built. They arrived on Planet Gardens, were Meco got his knife and trained in the ways of a Nexus League member. Meco joined the Risk Squad and fought the Spider Queen, among other triumphs.


  • Vine Cut (Knife)


  • He is portrayed by MilesRS677, who reprises his role in the game.
  • Even though his full name is Meconoba, his friends like to shorten his name to Meco
  • He resembles an Enderman due to the black coloring, violet eyes, and square head.
  • He became human while they were crossing the ravine at Gnarled Forest.
  • He appears in every episode except for Frostivus, where he is replaced by Mecobot. He also is not in Ninjas: Part 2 for unknown reasons.

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