Mario Jumpman Mario (as said in Super Mario Bros Super Show)
Character information
Name Mario Jumpman Mario (as said in Super Mario Bros Super Show)
Gender Male
Franchise Super Mario
Weapons/Accessories 1-Up Mushroom
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Mario's kart, Yoshi
Occupation Plumber (Original series)/Carpenter (In Donkey Kong)
Residence Mushroom Kingdom

Mario is a Super Mario character in LEGO Dimensions


  • High Jump
  • Fix-It
  • Power-Up Switch
    • Fire (Gold LEGO Objects)
    • Ice (Used for freezing water)
    • Mushroom (Extra Lives)
    • Penguin (Underwater)
    • Mini Mushroom/Mega Mushroom (Small/Big places)
    • Tanooki Suit (Gliding)


It's a-me, Mario!
— Mario's first line entering game
Let's a-go!
— Mario's second line entering game
Dada, dadadada Doo Doo Doo do
— Mario leaving game (Mario hums the theme where u die
Oh, spaghetti.....
— Mario when idle (He takes a nap)
Oh no!
— Mario in battle
Mama Mia!
— Mario in vortex
Come back here, you little monkey!
— Mario when chasing a red brick
I'm back!
— Mario respawning


  • Like Sonic, Maro's death will be his original death in Mario games

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