Character information
Name Lawrence
Gender Male
Franchise On The Way
Weapons/Accessories Wristwatch
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Hover Car
Occupation Flower Bluff High Janitor
Residence Corpus Christi, Texas (currently)
Prescott, Arizona (formally)
Oh, my! What happened? How did I get here?
— Lawrence when entering the game
Lawrence. Professional inventor and scientist, at your service.
— Lawrence's second line when entering the game
I'm guessing you need my help.
— Lawrence's third line when entering the game
Lawrence is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the On The Way Fun Pack, for the On The Way franchise.


  • Technology
  • Intelligence Access
  • Laser
  • A-Team Master Build
  • Fix-It


On The Way: Corpus Christi, Texas


A pleasure to meet you, Doctor Brown. It's nice to meet another time traveler, as I worked on a time pad.
— Lawrence to Doc Brown
You're a real doctor? So am I, I once went to a medical school. You are a real doctor, aren't you?
— Lawrence to the Doctor
Ma'am, I would like to take a look at your transportation gun if you don't mind.
— Lawrence to Chell
I think I have the tools to fix the dent.
— Lawrence when riding Homer's Car
My! Would you look at this thing's size!
— Lawrence when seeing a giant character or when entering a mech
I am a genius, but I definitely can't figure out this puzzle.
— Lawrence when unable to solve a puzzle
This device is completely out of my expertise.
— Lawrence's second line when unable to solve a puzzle
Leave this one to me if you may!
— Lawrence when about to solve a puzzle
I will personally solve this.
— Lawrence's second line when about to solve a puzzle
Let's try to settle this!
— Lawrence when in combat
As I once found out, brain must triumph over brawn. Always remember that.
— Lawrence when confronting a boss
This was never like my Multi-Dimensional-Crosser!
— Lawrence when in the vortex
I must find a way to restore these dimensional rifts!
— Lawrence's second line when in the vortex
Corpus Christi. The most perfect town to live in. Well, close to that.
— Lawrence when in the On The Way Adventure World
I should probably stop idling here. The longer I stand, the less that I do.
— Lawrence when left idle
I think there's a possibility that this dimensional-traveling fiasco.
— Lawrence's second line when left idle
Goodness. What an interesting trinket.
— Lawrence when obtaining a collectible
I think it is time to modify this.
— Lawrence when upgrading his vehicle/gadget
Most magnificent.
— Lawrence's second line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget
I must have forgotten about my clone. I wonder if I even made him back then.
— Lawrence when seeing Lawrence
I bid you good day. I have an invention to complete!
— Lawrence when leaving the game
You and I will band together again to restore the dimensions!
— Lawrence's second line when leaving the game
If you ever need me again, summon me, but don't hesitate.
— Lawrence's third line when leaving the game


  • He is voiced by Sean Giambrone, who is known as Adam Goldberg on ABC's The Goldbergs and Jeff Randell on the Cartoon Network series, Clarence.
  • He is the only non-The A-Team character to have the A-Team Master Build ability.

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