Character information
Name Lawrence
Gender Male
Franchise On The Way
Weapons/Accessories Hand Buzzer
Vehicles and/or Gadgets WoodBoard
Occupation The Boys' Handyman
Residence Corpus Christi, Texas
Whoa! What happened? How'd I get here?
— Lawrence when entering the game
Lawrence. Professional handyman of the Boys, at your service.
— Lawrence's second line when entering the game
I'm guessing you need my help.
— Lawrence's third line when entering the game
Lawrence is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the On The Way Team Pack, for the On The Way franchise.


  • Technology
  • Intelligence Access
  • Charge Transfer (uses Hand Buzzer)
  • A-Team Master Build
  • Fix-It


On The Way: Corpus Christi, Texas


You know, how came you should have been Professor Brown? You're more of a Professor than a Doctor.
— Lawrence to Doc Brown
You know, Homer, we share a few things in common. We have two friends; you've got Lenny and Carl, I've got Jake and Gillan, we've got some nice girls and sometimes nap once in a while.
— Lawrence to Homer Simpson
You're a doctor, right? 'Cause I kinda have a bit of a cut on my foot.
— Lawrence to the Doctor
A ghost? I knew it! Chew on that, fiction!
— Lawrence when seeing Slimer
Lumpy Space Princess? That's kind of a mouthful. How 'bout Sammy or Lynn or Ember? I've got a bunch more.
— Lawrence when meeting Lumpy Space Princess
Hey, lady, No one around here can build something cool but me!
— Lawrence when meeting Wyldstyle
I hope Jake Doesn't mind me borrowing this.
— Lawrence when riding the Soap Box Car
Whoa, cool bike!
— Lawrence when riding the Blade Bike
This biplane's more better than those remote control ones you buy!
— Lawrence when piloting The Tornado
I like the car, although the dent needs to be buffed out.
— Lawrence when riding Homer's Car
Whoa, you're big as... I don't know!
— Lawrence when seeing a giant character or when entering a mech
Well, that's just great.
— Lawrence when unable to solve a puzzle
This isn't anything I've ever used before.
— Lawrence's second line when unable to solve a puzzle
I'll take care of this!
— Lawrence when about to solve a puzzle
I'm gonna take a peek at this.
— Lawrence's second line when about to solve a puzzle
Let's try to settle this!
— Lawrence when in combat
Why's there more people following us?
— Lawrence's second line when in combat
This is gonna be tough with this guy.
— Lawrence when confronting a boss
Whoo-hoo! This is better than going around the world that takes days!
— Lawrence when in the vortex
Whoa! Whah-hoo! Whoo...! Oh, I'm think I'm gonna be sick.
— Lawrence's second line when in the vortex
I hope we're not traveling somewhere else like the last times that we've done it.
— Lawrence when in the On the Way Adventure World
Anyone seen some amazing stuff going on today?
— Lawrence when left idle
No matter where we go, it gets crazy.
— Lawrence's second line when left idle
This would make a great gift for Florence.
— Lawrence when obtaining a collectible
This can be rebuilt. I can do it.
— Lawrence when upgrading his vehicle/gadget
Who says you can't add anything special?
— Lawrence's second line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget
Man, I look nice wearing a jacket with those pads.
— Lawrence when seeing Lawrence
I'm gonna see what the others are up to. Bye!
— Lawrence when leaving the game
— Lawrence's second line when leaving the game
As they say in France: Au revoir!
— Lawrence's third line when leaving the game


  • He is voiced by Sean Giambrone, who is known as Adam Goldberg on ABC's The Goldbergs and Jeff Randell on the Cartoon Network series, Clarence.
  • He is the only non-The A-Team character to have the A-Team Master Build ability, due to being a handyman of the Boys.

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