Lava Wasteland is a Morphers location in LEGO Dimensions.


In Morphers, the Lava Wasteland has a dark-crimson, stony texture with dark-scarlet magma lamps and waterfall structures with molten magma instead of water. There are also pipes that connect to multiple molten rock tubs and showers, magma slides, and living fire.

In LEGO Dimensions, are a beach despite its location. Sandy coasts cover several areas, with magma pools instead of seas. The lava lamps still remain while various beach equipment such as beach chairs, surfboards, life preservers, and towels decorate the area. Also, there are Flametunias swarmed around the place that are used for defending Morpher Wheel bases. There is also a town area called Volcanotown, which contains clusters of high-rise accommodations embedded in the stony cliffs.


  • Whenever you sniper scope a Flametunia, Combustix, Firax, Infernox, or Eruptorr will appear.
    • Whenever you sniper scope a lava slide, Lava Hawk from Bionicle appears.

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