Jonah Head Battering Head Laser Head
Laser Head
Laser Head
Laser Head
Owner Doctor Kurt
Abilities *Laser
  • Taunt
Set Crash Potatoes Level Pack
When a hagfish launches out, and takes a bite of your nose.
— Laser Head's line when entering the game
Laser Head is a Crash Potatoes gadget in LEGO Dimensions.


Laser Head was created when Superman was fused with Jonah Head via a Morpher Wheel.


  • Laser
  • Taunt


That is Amore!
— Laser Head's line when leaving the game
I am a going to fly for you. Mph...mph....mph....mph...KR! Ow! ... I hit my nostrils.
— Laser Head's line when idle


  • Designed by DestinyIntwined.
  • He shoots lasers from his mouth.
  • His appearance appears to be based on the clown game at circuses where you fill their mouth with water.

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