Lagoona Blue
Lagoona Blue LD
Character Information
Name Lagoona Blue
Franchise Monster High
Weapons/Accessories none
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Lagoona's Submarine
Occupation Monster High student
Residence Monster High World; Great Scarrier Reef

Lagoona Blue is a playable character in Lego Dimensions from the Monster High franchise, voiced by Laura Bailey. She appears in the Monster High Level Pack.


Lagoona Blue is a teenage Sea Monster from the Great Scarrier Reef, off the shore of Australia. In the Great Scarrier Reef, she grew up with a dream to perform. She performed alongside her friend at the time; Khala Meri in dance. The two together wanted to win the district talent show, with their dancing skills. However during their performance, Khala became jealous of Lagoona's supportive family and Lagoona messed up the dance. After that Khala split from Lagoona, never to be seen again.

Sometime later, Lagoona convinced her parents to allow her to attend Monster High; a school for teenaged monsters of her age. They agreed and Lagoona entered as an exchange student from Australia. There she met her life-long friends Frankie,Clawdeen and Draculaura, along with others. She also met Gil Gillington Webber, who she began dating. Lagoona has since been in many MH adventures, helping her ghoul-friends.

Dimensions Crisis

Lagoona appears in the Monster High story level; A whisp in our midst, where she's seen as one of the many students running away from Djini Whisp Grant's attack.


Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef


  • Underwater Swimming
  • Atlantis Ability
  • Fish communication
  • Sonar Smash


  • "Hi Mates"-Lagoona's first line when entering
  • "Let's have a totally Bonza Time"-Lagoona's second line when entering
  • "Time to kick some ghoulish butt"-Lagoona's third line when entering
  • "Something fishie's going on here"-Lagoona when idle
  • "All hail the King of the sea"-When meeting Aquaman
  • "Are you part vampire or something"-When meeting Batman
  • "Wish I had the tools for this mate"-can't solve a problem
  • "Gotta go and make sure Gil's alright"-Lagoona's first line when leaving
  • "Right, back to the Great Scarrier Reef"-Lagoona's second when leaving
  • "Need to go and look after MH, hopefully it hasn't been attacked again"- Lagoona's third line when leaving.
  • "This is Fish-tastic"-When picking up a Gold Brick