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The LEGO Dimensions Customs Wiki is a LEGO Dimensions Fanon Wiki about your every wild imaganation you have for the game.

The Wiki was founded by Rapmilo on October 6, 2016.


  • When creating a page, it must have a LEGO Minifigure Custom, Custom Pack or a LEGO Vehicle or Gadget custom.
  • Do not post inappropriate content on the wiki. Doing so will result in a infinite block from editing.
  • Respect the wiki administrators and moderators.
  • Respect other users and their beliefs. Insulting someone's religion, culture or being racist will result in a block.
  • Respect other user's likes, just because they don't like the same thing as you (or vise versa), doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it.
  • Don't revive old or answered threads and blogs.
  • Don't add categories to your profile page.
  • Don't promote or advertise your or someone else's Wiki on the LEGO Dimensions Customs Wiki.
  • Don't add inappropriate content (which includes swears and inappropriate images) to your profile page or any page including discussion threads. This will result in a straightaway a block.
  • Do not alter other users pages without their permission or request them to unless it's grammatical fixing, adding categories, adding a LEGO Minifigure image or removing inapporiate content.

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