LEGO Dimensions: Year 2.5 was the 3rd set expansion for LEGO Dimensions, the first wave was released in May 2017.


  • Gremlins Fun Pack
    • Brain Gremlin
      • Bat Gremlin
      • Electric Gremlin
      • Spider-Gremlin
      • Phantom Gremlin
      • Vegetable Gremlin
    • Snowplough


  • Portal Fun Pack
    • Wheatley
    • Frankenturret
  • Portal Fun Pack
    • Cave Johnson
    • Borealis

The LEGO Movie

  • The LEGO Movie Team Pack
    • Lord Business
    • Micromanager
    • Vitruvius
    • Master Builder Submarine

Lord of the Rings

  • Lord of the Rings Team Pack
    • Sauron
    • Balrog
    • Frodo
    • Gandalf's Cart

Midway Arcade

Wizard of Oz

  • Wizard of Oz Team Pack
    • Dorothy
    • The Wizard's Hot Air Balloon
    • Scarecrow
    • Munchkin Wagon


  • Scooby-Doo Level Pack
    • Fred
    • Net Trap
    • Mystery Plane
  • Scooby-Doo Team Pack
    • Daphne
    • Mystery Boat
    • Velma
    • Mystery Cycle

Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter Fun Pack
    • Ron Weasley
    • Aragog
  • Harry Potter Fun Pack


  • Searching for Clues (Scooby-Doo)


  • This is the first year to only feature packs from already existing franchises.
  • There are 18 physical characters included in Year 2.5, 5 ingame characters and 23 in total.

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