Kid Color

LEGO Kid Color

LEGO Birthday Bash Kid Color

Character Information
Name Kid Color
Gender Male
Franchise AnthonyM and the World of Sketch
Weapons/Accessories Black Sun Bombs, Guardian-Alloy Ropes
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Guardian-Cycle
Occupation Nightclub Owner, Guardian of Sketchia-12
Residence Whitemoon Nightclub (U12)
Give it up for Kid Color!
— Kid Color's first line upon tagging in
Time for the best heist ever!
— Kid Color's second line upon tagging in
This costume's not all that stealthy, but at least I'm not out at night... I think. Happy birthday, though!
— Birthday Bash Kid Color's unique tag-in line (only available on the player's birthday while logged in)
Kid Color is a Story Pack character for the AnthonyM and the World of Sketch franchise in LEGO Dimensions.


Kid Color

Growing up on the harsh streets of Earth-12, Kid Color looked to his dreams to find peace... until they eventually led him to Sketchia-12, a world as shadowy and crime-ridden as the Earth it was linked to. Upon becoming a Guardian, he sought to be a stealthy vigilante for the citizens of Penciltown-12. He opened the Whitemoon Nightclub with the help of his fellow friends. Heavy Bouncer was the big Earthclad you did not want to joke around with. Gearhead was a great bartender and a skilled electronics expert. Fallen Angel was a beautiful performer with a mastery of wind magic, kunai combat, and distraction tactics. Together, they formed Universe 12's M-Crew and sought to push the Darklander gang back into their own home base.

Birthday Bash Kid Color

Kid Color decided to don the pastel only when indoors, as he would become easier to spot at night. He also made sure that the Sketchian windowpanes had a bulletproof lining so that the shots wouldn't bother anyone's party. He donned the pastel so that kids had days of joy in a world filled with malice... having a childhood of fear really was a factor in this, as he was moved the deepest by AnthonyM's "Birthday Bash Initiative" even up to the point of almost breaking down in tears. The Kid was the one to take the initiative the most seriously because of that.


  • World of Sketch: Whitemoon Nightclub (U12)


  • Acrobatics (triple jump)
  • Stealth (Black Sun Bombs)
  • Climb (Sticky Gloves)
    • Magno Gloves
  • LEGO Constructs
  • Guardian LEGO
  • Grapple (Guardian-Alloy Ropes)
    • Rope Swing
    • Twin Grapple
    • Grapple Slingshot


I need some more black-sun energy; be right back!
— Kid Color when leaving the game
Do I have to? I guess so.
— Kid Color in combat
Whoever owned this ain't gettin' it back!
— Kid Color when obtaining a collectible
These other universes are mighty bright... I doubt I'll get used to it.
— Kid Color when idle
This river's way too bright for MY liking!
— Kid Color when in the rift
Kid Color strikes again... and he's mad!
— Kid Color when respawning
You seem like an odd robot. But can you fight with a Sketchian?
— Kid Color to Paisenuef

Special Variant

Birthday Bash Kid Color is packaged in the AnthonyM Holiday Pack, and is a single minifigure that can replace Birthday Bash AnthonyM on the Toy Tag.

Miscellaneous Actions

Entrance and Exit

  • Kid Color climbs out of the portal with a Guardian-Alloy Rope.
  • Kid Color crawls into the portal after checking his sorroundings.

Idle Animations

  • Kid Color pours himself a cup of hot cocoa from a thermos and drinks it down.
  • Kid Color uses a rope to hang from the ceiling like a bat.
  • Birthday Bash Kid Color checks his sorroundings before grabbing a cake slice and eating it.

Finishing Moves

  • Kid Color uses his Black Sun Bomb to blind his enemy, then silently obliterates them from behind.
  • Kid Color wraps an enemy up in a rope, then pulls the rope to dizzy the enemy and make them fall apart.


  • Kid Color is from Universe 12, known for its black sun and white moon, which makes the daytime dark and the nighttime light.
  • Kid Color will toss a Black Sun Bomb at a security camera then attach another one to himself when activating Stealth. He also straps on his Umbravision Goggles to see.
  • Kid Color is currently the only character who can climb on any surface.