Kanohi and Hafu
Character Information
Gender Unknown
Franchise BIOMECHA
Weapons/Accessories Six Stud Shooters
Occupation Kohli Atheletes
Residence Pea-Clapper
Kanohi and Hafu are BIOMECHA characters in LEGO Dimensions.


Kanohi and Hafu played against Paise and Mahoganer and Halli and Macht, and the duo got in a tie with Halli and Macht. After the game, they went to the grand library in to keep safe from the Rackrain which they sensed was coming. Paise, Dig, and Mahoganer arrived at the library some time later, who put a presentation of their past: the BIOMECHA were constructed in attempts of helping the military in a new era of invention, but one of which, Likuta, built the Iron Beasts in attempts to kill all the humans during WWI, and succeeded. All of them went back to the Sanctuary, despite Dig's rioting against Vaksa, where they were attacked by the Rackrain. They then went to Desilaugh, where they found Flappin drugging himself on flour. However, Anguis attacked Desilaugh, and stole Dig. The fellowship went back to the Power Plant in order to save Dig, and succeeded, as well as Paise shredding up Anguis in gears during the process. The fellowship (besides Flappin, who was killed by Likuta) then relaxed to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but Likuta returned and killed Mahoganer, Ona, and Vaksa, leaving Paise, Dig, Kanohi, and Hafu as the last living Biomecha after killing Likuta.


  • Kanohi is named after the Kanohi Helmets, despite him never possessing one.