Character information
Name Jonah
Franchise Jonah's Missions
Weapons/Accessories Bira Gun
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Sonic Beam Turret

Machine Gun Helicopter

Occupation Soldier
Residence Apocalyptic City

Jonah is one of many characters in LEGO Dimensions.


Jonah Jackson Jenkins is a soldier who fought an army of aliens who burnt and destroyed the city, causing the apocalypse.

Meanwhile, in the TV Show based on the game (which the level is based upon), Jonah's Marvelous Missions, he is portrayed as a spaghetti obsessed nut job.

He also appeared in Crash Potatoes as Jonah Head, a great-sized version of his head, only it likes Sodair more then spaghetti, and is mentally disabled.


  • Vortex
  • Agility
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (With Gardner Gun)
  • Laser (With Plasma)
    • Melt Ice
  • Big Transformation (Embiggening Gun)
  • Mini Access (Shrink Gun)


"I am in! Now to save the city!"

First line when entering the game

"I have discovered a new world... or not."

Second line when entering the game

"Can't you tell I have to go two places at once every day?"

Third line when entering the game


Line when left idle

"Yeah, there seems to be no apocalypse around here."

Second line when left idle

"So, I suppose you guys don't die from getting stomped?"

When in combat

"Extra life!"

When respawning

"Well, how are you gonna survive without me?"

First line when leaving the game

"Welp, I got another castle to blow up!"

Second line leaving the game

"Overlord! Sorry, I saw something huge and... this is awkward."

When seeing a character in a mech or a giant character

I knew Power-Ups made me bigger, but this is fantastic!"

When riding a mech

"Hey, you seem awfully familiar!"

Talking to Chell, Sonic the Hedgehog, Gamer Kid, and Robert Jacob

"Oh my! Bats are now hominids?"

Talking to Batman

"I am riding on a cat shooting flames... and I thought my world was odd!"

Riding Fire Lion

"Time to relax from my times killing aliens during the apocalypse..."

In an Adventure World

"I AM A BAT!!!"

When Riding on the Batwing

"You have FISH!!!"

Talking to Gollum

"I pity the food!"

Talking to B.A. Baracus

"Axes? Yay! Now to chop off some heads!"

Riding the Axe Chariot

"Whoa! Turns out I can ride any dinosaur!"

Riding the Velociraptor


Riding the Sentry Turret


Riding the IMF Tank

"Another solider involved with dinosaurs! Sup!"

Talking to Owen

"Slime? As long as it doesn't crush me!"

Talking to Slimer

"Say, I think I might have seen you in that race car race the other day."

Talking to Mario

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