Infomaniac 9247
Character Information
Name Infomaniac
Gender Male
Franchise LEGO Island
Weapons/Accessories Construct-O-Pedia
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Xtreme Helicopter
Occupation Creator of LEGO Island
Residence Information Center, LEGO Island
Ohoho, That was interesting!
— Infomaniac's first line when entering the game

Infomaniac is one of the Level Designer Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the LEGO Island franchise. He appears in the Level Designer Pack


Infomaniac is the Creator of LEGO Island. He built the Brickster almost 40 zillion years ago. When he told the Brickster he was going to make a new Minifigure, the Brickster went ballistic, stole some bricks, and went into space to make his own island.


  • Master Build



  • it's unknown who voices him.