Hell Portal
Hell Portal
Hell Portal
Owner Armored Robert
Abilities Allows player to play Venture Halloween levels
Set Venture Halloween Story Pack

Hell Portal is the Toy Pad Build in the Venture Halloween Story Pack.


  • It is based on the Portal Hallway from Robert's Abode, specifically the Hell Portal (as the name implies).
  • Amongst the items scattered on the floor are a diamond blade, a giant metallic axe, a diamond mattock, a wood spade, and a woody pitchfork.
    • In addition, there are stacks of books (including a magical one), potion bottles, a wine pitcher, and a treasure chest.
  • It is one of few religious references in LEGO Dimensions (the others being demons in Gauntlet and the "Red Demon Brick Smash" ability).
    • As such, the name was changed in some regions:
      • In Arabia, it is known as the بوابة المطه, or Portal of Disinfectant.
      • In Hebrew, it is know as the פורטל העולם התחתון, or The Underworld Portal.
      • In Tamil, it is known as the பாதாள உலக வலைதளம், or Underworld World Web Site.

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