Guardian's Sanctum
Guardian's Sanctum V2
Guardian's Sanctum Vortex
Owner AnthonyM
Abilities None
Set AnthonyM Story Pack

The Guardian's Sanctum Vortex is a dimensional vortex, or portal, that leads to many different locations in the AnthonyM and the World of Sketch adventure world. It is included in the AnthonyM Story Pack and is built onto the Toy Pad, which brings all physical characters, vehicles, and gadgets into the game.


  • It is based on the Guardian's Sanctum, a temple-like structure located in Penciltown. This underground temple has many secrets that Guardians discover only when they need them. It makes its debut in the mission "Digging for Dimensional Dillemas!"
    • There is a giant pocket dimension within the Sanctum. This is commonly known as Sanctum Crossroad, but in-game, it's just the Pocket Dimension. This area, which is a Battle Arena, is unlockable using the AnthonyM Holiday Pack.
  • The Guardian's Sanctum is where AnthonyM found his Quantum Hole Generator, as well as the new Keystone for the pack.

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