Grotto Crawler
LEGO Crawler
Owner Pipipi
Abilities *Digging
  • Vine Cut
Set Pipipi Fun Pack
Grotto Crawler 8-Legged Powerhouse Laxative Shooter

Grotto Crawler is a Venture vehicle in LEGO Dimensions.


Sometime before the events of Venture, a team of miners were mining for gems, metals, and coals, when they where attacked by Grotto Crawlers, who viciously murdered all the miners and made their nests at the abandoned mines, and have lived there as the mine shafts decay slowly.

Grotto Crawlers inherit all of their behavior from normal Crawlers:

  • They are pacified by daylight but will continue attacking regardless of light change once an enemy. Subjecting them to darkness will render them an enemy.
  • They can climb walls when needed.
  • They attack by leaping at the player.
  • They are unaffected by spiderwebs and toxin.
  • Can fit through a space that is 1 meter wide and half a meter tall.
  • Runs much quicker than Crawlers.
  • Can go through the spaces between Hell Brick and Normal Fences.

Unlike regular Crawlers, they do not spawn with status effects.

Grotto Crawlers can spawn Crawler Jockeys.


  • Vine Cut
  • Digging


  • Skin 1: Black
  • Skin 2: Brown
  • Skin 3: Light Blue


  • It is one of four vehicles resembling a hand. The others are Giant Hand, [[Laxative Shooter (Trigger Happy the Gremlin)}Laxative Shooter]] and Flying Fist.
  • He uses entirely unique pieces for the build.

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