Goku Black
Lego Black
Character Information
Name Goku Black
Gender Male
Franchise Dragon Ball
Weapons/Accessories Time Ring
Vehicles and/or Gadgets N/A
Occupation Supreme Kai
Residence Planet Earth
This shouldn't take long...
— Black's first line when entering the game
Another world to quake beneath my boots.
— Black's second line when entering the game
What world is this?
— Black's third line when entering the game

Goku Black, often simply referred to as Black, is one of the Story Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Dragon Ball Super Story Pack. He does not have a vehicle.

Abilities (Black)

  • Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Illumination (Solar Flare)
  • Black Kamehameha (Destroy silver LEGO Bricks)
  • Transformation (Super Saiyan Rose)
  • Character Changing (Zamasu)
  • Ki Sword (Cut/Destroy Golden LEGO Bricks)
  • Ki Constructs
  • Time Ring (use time travel panels)

Abilities (Zamasu)

  • Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Invulvernability
  • Ki Sword (Cut/Destroy Golden LEGO Bricks)
  • Transformation (Merged Zamasu)
  • Character Changing (Goku Black)
  • Dive Underwater
  • Time Ring (use time travel panels)



Dragon Ball Super: Future World


Dragon Ball Super: Justice (Goku Black's Theme)


I suppose I'll call this transformation "Super Saiyan Rose"
— Black when transforming into Super Saiyan Rose
Perhaps I should take this Kryptonian's body next?
— Black to Superman
No way! This body is 100% mine. Keep your hands off!
— Superman's response
The prideful prince dares to challenge me? Pathetic.
— Black to Vegeta
I'll say it now. I am the ONLY one who can defeat Kakarot! You have no place in this world!
— Vegeta's response
Perhaps I could make some use of you, tyrant.
— Black to Frieza
When did you get so cocky, Saiyan?
— Frieza's response
I've had enough of your time-jumping, Trunks!
— Black to Trunks
Fine, let's settle this once and for all right here!
— Trunks' response
I'll put an end to your evil ways! You can't go around harming people, looking like me!
— Goku to Black
My plans will never be stopped, even by the likes of you, Goku.
— Black's response



  • He is voiced by Sean Schemmel, who reprises his role from the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Super.
    • Sean also voices Goku and King Kai.
  • The music that plays in Black's gameplay showcase is Justice, his theme from Dragon Ball Super
  • Goku Black's minifigure design tries to match his appearance from Dragon Ball Super as accurately as possible, including the details for his Gi, boots, and belt. He also has a Time Ring accessory. The physical minifigure is designed to look like his base form, though it also includes a second face printing and extra hair piece so owners of his figure can display him in his Super Saiyan Rose form.
    • Unlike Goku's minifigure, Black's hairpiece has a different mold. It is molded to face the opposite direction of Goku's hairpiece, and includes a sculpt of his Potara Earring.
    • Likewise, Black also has a different face printing than Goku, and his Super Saiyan Rose hairpiece is a slightly different mold from Goku's Super Saiyan hairpiece, since it also includes Black's earring and a loose strand of hair not present in Goku's hairpiece.