Giuseppe Marino
LEGO Guiseppe Marino
Character Information
Name Giuseppe Marino
Gender Male
Franchise Venture Bounty
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Cigar
Occupation Gambler
Residence Ocean Cocker Gambling Establishment
Crikey, if it ain't Robert Jacob.
— Giuseppe Marino talking to Robert Jacob
Giuseppe Marino is a Venture: Bounty character in LEGO Dimensions.


Giuseppe Marino is a gambler who owns Ocean Cocker Gambling Establishment. Marino's casino is most known for it's card games, some original (Paragon, etc.), while others are existing (Poker, etc.), but the slot machines are rigged so nobody can win them. In Venture: Bounty, his casino was unknowingly invaded by King Espouse, at the time when he invited the Jacob Knights there. The Jacobs noticed weird shapes on the giant roulette wheel, and when they each standed on one, the wheel lowered into the cave King Espose was in, where the Jacobs fought and killed the beast with a slot machine. Marino had since payed for guards in the cavern.

The above scene was cut from Venture: Bounty due to time constraints.



  • He is portrayed by Jimmy Breslin, who reprises his role in the game.