Character information
Name Gillan
Gender Male
Franchise On The Way
Weapons/Accessories Rope
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Kiddie Car
Occupation Member of the Boys
Residence Corpus Christi, Texas
Whoa, where am I?
— Gillan when entering the game
OK, let's have some fun!
— Gillan's second line when entering the game
Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Gillan.
— Gillan's third line when entering the game
Gillan is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the On The Way Team Pack, for the On The Way franchise.


  • Grapple (uses Rope)
  • Super Strength


On The Way: Corpus Christi, Texas


Hey, Mr. Ghostbuster, is it true that there are ghost swarming around the Big Apple?
— Gillan when meeting Peter Venkman
I like him. He's got a nice personality.
— Gillan when seeing Rowley Jefferson
We should do lunch sometime.
— Gillan to Scooby-Doo
You have a friend named Jake? So do I!
— Gillan to Finn
A robot dog? Shouldn't this be in the future?
— Gillan when riding K-9
This is exactly how I pictured it!
— Gillan when entering the Kiddie Car
Nice clown bike! Do I need a license to drive this?
— Gillan when riding the Clown Bike
Wow, you're bigger than me!
— Gillan when seeing a giant character or when entering a mech
Maybe someone else can solve this.
— Gillan when unable to solve a puzzle
Hmm, this is making my brain tired.
— Gillan's second line when unable to solve a puzzle
OK, Gillan, don't mess this up like the time you broke the ladder of the treehouse.
— Gillan when about to solve a puzzle
How about letting me do it?
— Gillan's second line when about to solve a puzzle
I did it. Guess I'm smarter than I thought.
— Gillan when after solving a puzzle
Yes, go, Gillan! Go, Gillan! G...G... Go, Gillan!
— Gillan's second line when after solving a puzzle
Oh, great, more people who wanna hurt me!
— Gillan when in combat
Let's hope I can fight!
— Gillan's second line when in combat
No need to worry. You've handled bad guys before. But this is different.
— Gillan when confronting a boss
At least this is something to rest your legs!
— Gillan when in the vortex
This is incredible!
— Gillan's second line when in the vortex
Home sweet home, no other place I could be.
— Gillan when in the On the Way Adventure World
First thing Thursday afternoon, I'm gonna loose these 50 pounds.
— Gillan when left idle
I bet there's a place to eat around here. I'm starving.
— Gillan's second line when left idle
I could sell this to get something. But what?
— Gillan when obtaining a collectible
Should I give it changes or not? I should.
— Gillan when upgrading his vehicle/gadget
It looks better than before.
— Gillan's second line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget
Am I really that fat?
— Gillan when seeing Gillan
This has been exhausting. Bye.
— Gillan when leaving the game
Better get my emergency rations.
— Gillan's second line when leaving the game
Be right back.
— Gillan's third line when leaving the game


  • He is voiced by Tucker Albrizzi.
  • He is one of the non-Warner Bros. characters to have the grapple ability.
    • The others are Ethan Hunt, Jillian Holtzman and Finn.

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