FurnaceGolem Drilling Fireplace Crossbow Catapult
Furnace Golem
Owner Albert Modnik
Abilities *Super Strength
  • Laser
  • Vine Cut
Set Venture Missions Story Pack

FurnaceGolem is a Venture Missions vehicle in LEGO Dimensions.


FurnaceGolem was a golem created by Albert Modnik to destroy the ogres rampaging Flakerot. FurnaceGolem was disposed of, however, unlike Modnik's other unused mods after his death, it was not destroyed, simply buried under a cobblestone street.


  • Super Strength
  • Laser
  • Vine Cut (Axe)


  • It and Castlerex are never used in the Venture: Missions levels for unexplained reasons.
  • Instead of a Venturian Power, he has a pizza on his shield.

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