Character information
Name Flappin
Gender Male
Franchise BIOMECHA
Weapons/Accessories Gunnchain, Shank Staff
Occupation Bodyguard
Residence Thank-Heart Cathedral
— Flappin's only line when entering the game
Flappin is a BIOMECHA character in LEGO Dimensions.


— Flappin's only line when leaving the game
Heh he!
— Flappin's line when in combat
You is furious at you.
— Flappin talking to Paisenuef
— Flappin responding to Vaksa
Ooooooooooohhh yoooooooooooooooooo mhhhhhhhhhhm!!!
— Flappin's line when idle

Idle Animation

  • Flappin sniffs a packet of flour as bubbling is heard.

Finishing Moves

  • Flappin stabs his Shank Staff between the enemy's torso and legs.
  • Flappin fires at the enemy with his Gunnchain, then finishes them off with the knife.

Entrance/Exit Animations

  • Flappin jumps out of the vortex and stabs his Shank Staff through the ground.
  • Flappin gets dragged through the vortex by Anguis.


  • He is portrayed by Ed Westwick, and uses archive audio due to barely saying any words.

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