Character Information
Name Firmra
Franchise BIOMECHA
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Kani Disc
What just happened?
— Firmra's first line when entering the game
Like I have time for this!
— Firmra's second line when entering the game
Everyone here is a wimp.
— Firmra's third line when entering the game
Firmra is a Biomecha character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Laser (Fire)


The excitement of joining the Warri has gotten me to involved. I must not stay.
— Firmra's first line when leaving the game
I must go off and find the other Warri.
— Firmra's second line when leaving the game
Sheesh, are you irritating!
— Firmra's third line when leaving the game
The gas killed all life in the continent of Dirt-Get, and I fear the Metal Carnivores are coming to Metri City,
— Firmra in the Biomecha Adventure World
You can not run, you will never be able to hide.
— Firmra in combat
I lost my eye in war before, and I am afraid it may happen again.
— Firmra respawning
You could not win against Slime Head, despite your toughness. That blob would reduce you to green cytoplasm!
— Talking to Hulk
You are against Squidly's spiders, right, Arachnidan Guy?
— Talking to Spiderman
That is SERIOUSLY the best name they could come up with?
— Talking to Power Man
Hooked on a feeling, dun-nun-n-dun! I'm high on believing!
— Talking to StarLord
Helmet magic can never surpass that sorcery!
— Talking to Doctor Strange

Idle Animations

  • Firmra skis in place, but realizes nothing is happening and stops.
  • Firmra creates a tsunami of fire and hovers over it, only for it to stop shortly after, and he lands.

Finishing Moves

  • Firmra summons a rain cloud which rains flames all over the enemy.
  • Firmra suffocates the enemy with his ski poles.


  • He is portrayed by Shawn Pyfrom, who reprises his role in the game.
  • Firmra is only playable in one BIOMECHA level due to his death.