Finn Army

Finn Army is one of several franchises in LEGO Dimensions.


Old York Nation, a civilization with crime for economy, there are two empires: Finn's Army, and Storbert's Army. The armies are against each other, and must normally be prepared for battle. An alliance between the two is legendary, but has happened more than once.

Related Characters/Objects

  • Finn Army Team Pack

      • Fruit Drone

    • Storbert

      • Volkswagen Time Machine.

− −

  • Edwin Fun Pack

      • Edwin's Motorcycle

− −

  • Finn Army Otherworld Story Pack
    • Davis Finlay
      • TBA
      • TBA Gateway Build



  • It shares a character with Crash Potatoes; Doctor Roberto, tying the franchises together.
    • This is due to Crash Potatoes being a spin off of Finn Army: Finn's Spooky Stories.

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