Farm is a Venture location in LEGO Dimensions.


The Farm is located near Robert's Wooden Shelter in the Woods. It is a farm with crops growing, such as wheat, reeds, sugar cane, pumpkins, and papyrus. There is also a structure of stone bricks and torches with a waterfall in it, allowing the crops to grow faster. There are also birch trees, which Shooters hide under to snipe you away. In addition, there are dandelions and poppies growing. There are also wooden utilities, such as a workbench, a treasure chest full of bread and woody shovels, and a pen full of Bovines and Ewes.


  • Pig Awards
  • Sprout Up
  • Catty Come Home


  • Image taken by Trigger Happy the Gremlin at LEGOLAND.
  • Whenever the ground is sniper scoped, the Alien Conquest farmer appears.
  • Whenever the wheat is sniper scoped, Wheatley appears.
    • When a pumpkin in sniper scoped, Hungry Pumkin appears.
    • Whenever a sugar cane is sniper scoped, Papyrus from Undertale appears.
    • Whenever a torch is sniper scoped, a Farmer from Ninjago appears.
    • Whenever a workbench is sniper scoped, a Farmer from DC Comics appears.