Famished Castaway
Venture Survivor
Character Information
Name Famished Castaway
Gender Male
Franchise Venture Halloween
Occupation Homeless
Residence Hell Stronghold
Famished Castaway is a Venture: Halloween character in LEGO Dimensions.


Famished Castaway appears as a silent and minor character in Venture Halloween, who escaped an Espouse attack and took refugee in the Hell Castle alongside the other ragtag hikers who went to Hell. He also knows Robert Jacob, having gone silent alongwith the explorers when Clark mentioned his presence. Despite the Espouse destroying the basement, nobody was harmed (except the Espouse, as it was killed), and he lived.


Famished Castaway gives the quest "Starving Fellow".
Hello, youngster? I would really appreciate some food. As you can tell, I am an unfortunate hungry man who has to take refugee in here, and the problem is that I have no food. Now, I could slay some Zombie Dlabmen and call it a day, but I am too frightened. You look noble, so I lay my need on you.
— Before starting the quest
Appreciations! You got me all this food! Now, I tried mining here, it did not turn out so well. But lucky me, I got enough jade to buy this golden brick off a man! All this food is truly worth this much!
— Upon beating the quest