Owner Glender
Abilities Allows Access to Everglades World
Set Morphers World Pack

Everglades is a Morphers Toy Pad Build in LEGO Dimensions in the Morphers World Pack.


The Everglades are a large mangrove forest with multiple logs used as platforms. There are also tadpoles and a wood, pointed fence behind. Hovering on the surface are a dozen logs and lily pads. There are also mangroves with a titanic, woody snout structure in the front of the tree spewing boogers from the nose. There is also a green background with lightning bugs.


In LEGO Dimensions, the Everglades are a heavily water-based area with RVs variously strewn around the area. Patio chairs, yaylı tamburs, and BBQ grills also decorate the area as well. There is a small emphasis on the palm trees açaí palms in the game. Lavatory tissue and mobile toilets are also located in the area. Gnats also buzz throughout the air in varying areas as well.


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