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Emerald Dragon
Emerald Dragon
Emerald Dragon
Owner Zarrus
Abilities Playable Character


Sonar Smash

Set Zarrus Level Pack

The Emerald Dragon is a Choose Your Fighter! vehicle in LEGO Dimensions. It is Zarrus's personal vehicle and is included in the Zarrus Level Pack.


The Emeraldine had a dragon protector, just like the Cybernians. When it was killed by the corrupted Enderon Dragonius, its egg was carried off by an Emeraldine couple who entrusted it to the same village they would drop off their son, Zarrus. The young Emeraldine and the dragon grew up together, living a happy life until the dragon flew off to parts unknown to meet with the Queen of Dragons and the goddess of color, Etimu. In due time, it and Zarrus would be reunited at the Dragon Temple thanks to Cybern and Hekama.

The Musings of a Wandering Blacksmith

Zarrus finds the dragon trapped by some Vortech Minions trying to imprison it, and he must do combat with them and even a Vortech Minion styed like Zarrus known as the Vortech Blacksmith. Upon defeating them, Zarrus unshackles the Dragon and the player must build it and tag it in.


  • Flight
  • Sonar Smash (Sonic Roar)
  • Air Lift (Stand under Zarrus or any character and press Circle to grab them)


  • Like Kebley, the Emerald Dragon is a playable character.
    • It also has a name; it answers to "Emmy."