Character Information
Name Elder
Gender Male
Franchise BIOMECHA
Weapons/Accessories Drill
Occupation Tao
Residence Metri City
Being wrong is purposeless, for dirt cannot be deceived.
— Elder's first line when entering the game
Elder, at your service.
— Elder's second line when entering the game
Done earth cheap!
— Elder's third line when entering the game
Elder is a BIOMECHA character in LEGO Dimensions.


The six Matrons gave a rock to Nokon, Elder, Leftand, Firmra, Null, and Armtect himself, who met at the Great Temple in Ga-Metro. After killing Squidley, the six new Tao bring the Kana discs to the Coliseum. But Slime Face, disguised as Turq Duke, puts them through a rigorous test. After failing, he denounces their existence as Tao and unleashes the Vahis law enforcers upon them. Three of the Tao, Armtect, Nokon, and Elder are captured and put into the jail of the Moonlit Hunters, while Leftand, Null, and Firmra escape after Slime Face throws a disc at a statue of Ohioan and kills the Vahis. Meanwhile, in the jail of the Moonlit Hunters, Armtect, Nokon, and Elder meet a mysterious Turq who helps them discover their helmet powers, which in turn create an exit. While the other Tao and Turq walk down the cavity, the path becomes extremely dark, and Elder discovers his helmet power, which allows them to see through. However, they hear a sound and Vahis kidnaps Elder, but the Vahis turns out to be a shape-shifted Armtect; his helmet power. The Tao and Ohoian escape from the Vahis, floating on the Protodermis Ocean. However, Likuta, now fused with Night, Kremem, takes control over the lake of Protodermis, and knocks the Tao, Matron, and Ohioan out of the Vehicle, which ruins Elder's telekinetic hold on Vaccant, who falls in front of Likuta.


  • Drill
  • Dig
  • Psychokinesis


  • He is portrayed by Jeff Bridges, who reprises his role in the game.