Dock Rock is a Venture Missions level in LEGO Dimensions.


Section One: Rain Dain

Albert Modnik promises the Jacob Knights an island if they defend Flakerot Dock from the Pipipis and Crawlers. Use Athansios and point an explosive at the fence on the right side. It should give way and let you walk into the next area, where you will be met with much hostility. Blast open the silver entrance and haul the boats outside. Repair the boats in many places before it can properly function. Toss the tree out of the way. Float the boats to the very right, crashing through barricades and whatnot, until you reach a docking pad in the far corner. This opens into the next area. You will notice that in your path to destruction you come upon chests that open up into carrots. There are three of these dispersed through the area. Pinpoint the three and nab the Minikit. Also, after opening another door, if you head to the far right on the docks, you will come upon a docked ferry with an orange handle. Drink a Destructive Potion and yank off the top to uncover this Minikit.

Section Two: Full Steel Assault

Smash some objects up in the corner to forge a ladder. Use Robert's lava bucket to melt some golden LEGO bricks. Rebuild the bricks into a path across the acropolis. Search through a chest and get the guns. Then, go back into your riverboats and start a first person shooter minigame. Fire your gun at a wave of ferryboats to send pieces and fire of them to next eternity. Dock to the next port in Flakerot Docks and you will find a tsunami of magma. Use Scottie's torch and go through a cave. You find some wood, which you need to build into a bridge over the magma, but it is eventually set alight, so use Robert's bucket to scoop out the molten rocks, which someone removes all of them. You will eventually find a pirate ship out of order, and unleash Athansios' acetone peroxide on it's blocking barrier to go on.

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