Kid Friendly Diabolus
Character Information
Name Diabolus
Gender Male
Franchise Venture Cinematic Universe
Occupation Hoarder
Residence Underground
— Diabolus' first line when netering the game
Diabolus is a Venture: Missions character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Health Regeneration


Ichabod Melvyn Sulobiab was an old guy obsessed with the three Ws: Wine, Women, and Wealth. He stole and kidnapped all of these, put was caught by Jacob when robbing his vineyard. The Jacob Knights and Diabolus fought in an ironmonger's shop. Diabolus easily had the high ground by loosening the string keeping the bell above and climbing up the rope. Robert Jacob built a ladder up from outside, and exploded the store using acetone peroxide, while Diabolus was inside. Diabolus' right side was gruesomely scarred, and he tried to escape by jumping over some pillars, but ended up knocking over all of them in his wake. Diabolus noticed the Jacob Knights attempting to remove the mill wheel and crush him, attempting to escape on a Babirusa. He fails four times, getting his head smashed through some planks, but the fourth time the wheel crashes entirely. Sulobiab decided to go by the name of Diabolus then on, for others to fear him. In Venture: Missions, he sends the Flakerotian forces against him halfway through the film, but makes a deal when Jacob agrees to give him more wine (but so much Diabolus drowns to death).


Yeah, ouch.
— Diabolus responding to Shadus


  • Diabolus' scarring has been changed from a transparent light red to Transparent Bright Bluish Violet in LEGO Dimensions due to gore.
  • He is portrayed by John DeLancie, who reprises his role in the game.