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Character Information
Name Cybern P. Dragnof
Gender Male
Franchise Choose Your Fighter!
Weapons/Accessories Cibna Dragus
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Kebley's Shell
Occupation Guild Leader, Prince of the Dragon Kingdom
Residence The Overworld (U23)
Let's turn up the heat!
— Cybern's first line when entering the game
How's about I fire this place up?
— Cybern's second line when entering the game
Cybern's here! Time to lead the guild!
— Cybern's third line when entering the game
Cybern is a Team Pack character for the Choose Your Fighter! franchise.


Cybern was a child from Cybernia, born a half-dragon. He was taught swordplay, archery, and pyromancy at the age of 8. However, a corrupted dragon attacked Cybern's village and killed Cybern's parents. He and his childhood friend Hekama were put into cryosleep only to emerge 8 years later and put a stop to the Enderon Dragonius. Over time, Cybern met Zarrus, an Emeraldine blacksmith, Endi, a rogue Enderon, and Creepz, a timid creeper, and established a new village where guilds could meet in peace. Eventually, Cybern's fighting prowess caught a visit from AnthonyM who not only befriended the swordsman, but enlisted him and his friends in the Sketch Arena tournament.

Dimensions Crisis

Cybern is confident about traveling the dimensions with his friends. He's ready to square off with any foes he may meet... rule number one about half-dragons; don't provoke their power.


Choose Your Fighter! World: Cibna Village (Overworld, U23)


Humanoid Form

  • Acrobatics (double-jump)
  • Weapon Switch (Cibna Dragus, Zathum Frius, Barrum Voltun, Cybra Bow)
  • Dragon Transform (Activatable through Weapon Switch Wheel)
  • Sketchian Combo-Combat

Cibna Dragus

  • Sword Switch
  • Laser (Flame Shot)
  • Boomerang

Zathum Frius

  • Sword Switch
  • Ice Blast
  • Super Speed

Barrum Voltun

  • Electricity
  • Laser Deflector
  • Super Strength

Cybra Bow

  • Target
  • Red Demon Brick Smash
  • Silver LEGO Blowup

Dragon Form

  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • Magic (Mind's Eye)
  • Laser (Flame Breath)


I sense trouble at home...
— Cybern's first line when leaving the game
I must return home and check on the guilds.
— Cybern's second line when leaving the game
A half-dragon's work is never done.
— Cybern's third line when leaving the game
You just ignored half-dragon rule number one... and you're gonna pay for that.
— Cybern when in combat
Hmm? I can't do anything with this?
— Cybern when unable to solve a puzzle
The Dragon Arts are strong with this one...
— Cybern when able to solve a puzzle
A wonderful trophy for my guild!
— Cybern when obtaining a collectible
The sword is mightier when its wielder has power.
— Cybern when idle
This is a satisfying dive!
— Cybern's first line when in the rift
Let's fly!
— Cybern's second line when in the rift
This thing's quite a hot effort!
— Cybern's first line when upgrading
A dragon-sized improvement!
— Cybern's second line when upgrading
A good half-dragon can't be quelled!
— Cybern when respawning
Are you... me from another sub-reality?
— Cybern to Cybern
Hekama! How have you been lately?
— Cybern to Hekama
Hey, Zarrus. Do you have any bit of time to sharpen my sword?
— Cybern to Zarrus
AnthonyM, my good friend! It's nice to tour the multiverse with you again!
— Cybern to AnthonyM
Say... what's this "Wyvern" you were talking about? If it's an evil dragon, I can help you out with him.
— Cybern to Robert Jacob
Where are you headed, young one?
— Cybern to The Boy
Alright, you. Don't try anything evil or you'll be speaking to Etimu about it.
— Cybern when near Wyvern

Miscellaneous Actions

Entrance and Exit

  • Cybern jumps out of the portal and stabs the ground with his sword.
  • Cybern flies through the portal as a dragon.

Idle Animations

  • Cybern forms the Mark of the Dragon in the air using his power over fire.
  • Cybern closes his right eye, then reopens it to show a flaming pupil. He then closes and reopens it again and it's back to normal.

Finishing Moves

  • Cybern grabs his opponent's hand while they try to punch him, then unleashes his Dragon Form's claw straight through his opponent, breaking them into bricks. (Cibna Dragus)
  • Cybern grabs his opponent and slashes multiple times through them within the span of a second. (Zathum Frius)
  • The opponent punches the sword, coursing electricity through their body and making them fall apart. (Barrum Voltun)
  • Cybern launches multiple arrows into the air, then tosses his opponent into the volley. (Cybra Bow)


  • Cybern is the second character to switch weapons. The first is Finn the Human.
  • Cybern, Hekama, and Zarrus are the three Choose Your Fighter! characters that originate from Cybern Quest.
  • Cybern's weapons give him a different shirt color when equipped. The only exception is the Cybra Bow.


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