LEGO Crystallon
Character Information
Name Crystallon
Gender Male
Franchise Choose Your Fighter!
Weapons/Accessories Light Whip
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Crystalline Mass
Occupation Gemstone Warrior, Protector of Gemopia
Residence Gemopia Crystal Island (U23 Gemopia)
From the shards, I emerge.
— Crystallon's first line when entering the game
Crystallon at your service. How may I help?
— Crystallon's second line when entering the game
I guess I can spare some time to help out.
— Crystallon's third line when entering the game
Crystallon is a Fun Pack character for the Choose Your Fighter! franchise in LEGO Dimensions.


Crystallon is one of the oldest of the Fighters, having been in stasis for over 100,000,000 (One hundred million) years. He was sent to the city of Gemopia from its crystal moon as an envoy, but was imprisoned by the Elementian of Darkness in a crystal meteor. However, upon awakening from his stasis after AnthonyM unintentionally freed him, the orange-clad envoy became Gemopia's vigilante savior from a race of beings who like to eat gems of all types. Learning that the city thrives on gems, he leapt into action and utilized his Light Whip and energy to fend off the evil gem-eaters.

Crystallon's body is made of tiny orange crystals and connected together by hard light. As such, he can gather more crystals to become bigger and even shapeshift.


  • Choose Your Fighter! World: Gemopia Crystal Island (U23 Gemopia)


  • Flight
  • Grapple (Light Whip)
  • Magic
  • Mini Access
  • Slurp Access
  • LEGO Constructs
  • Crystal LEGO Blowup
    • Crystal Body (use Switch wheel)
      • Vine Cut (Bladed Manticulm)
      • Boomerang (Bladed Manticulm)
      • Laser (Sawmouthed Pyroclasm)
        • Melt Ice
      • Dive (Sawmouthed Pyroclasm)
      • Super Strength (Sunset Gorilloid)
        • Super Strength Handles (Sunset Gorilloid)
  • Costume Swap (Subwoofer Gear)
    • Sonar Smash
    • Illumination
    • Music (DJ Stand)
  • Sketchian Combo-Combat
  • Character Changing (Can change into Dreamkeeper and Miss Techna)


I must head home... my energy is fading.
— Crystallon's first line when leaving the game
I must go! My people need me!
— Crystallon's second line when leaving the game
I'll be back soon. But for now, I set off to recharge.
— Crsytallon's third line when leaving the game
Fighting a higher-order being such as myself is no easy feat, but if you insist...
— Crystallon in combat
This puzzle is not meant for me.
— Crystallon when unable to solve a puzzle
My light shines brightly here.
— Crystallon when able to solve a puzzle
An item as valuable as a gemstone. I must keep it safe from all who wish to use it for evil.
— Crystallon when obtaining a collectible
My whip shall strike all who oppose me.
— Crystallon when idle
This is a completely different experience than I usually have with light tunnels.
— Crystallon's first line when in the rift
I must say, where am I going?
— Crystallon's second line in the rift
Nothing like a bit of rejuvenation to get the heart pumping.
— Crystallon's first line when upgrading
Not bad, if I do say so myself.
— Crystallon's second line when upgrading
I can never be slain. I will reform every time!
— Crystallon when respawning
Are you also a being of a higher order?
— Crystallon to Crystallon
It is a pleasure to see you, AnthonyM. This day is going quite well, I presume?
— Crystallon to AnthonyM
My my, what a wonder it is to see you here, Cybern. How's the village holding up?
— Crystallon to Cybern

Miscellaneous Actions

Entrance and Exit

  • Crystallon emerges from the portal, as he forms himself together from the micro-crystal mass.
  • Crystallon turns into a mass of tiny crystals as they float into the portal.

Idle Animations

  • Crystallon spins his whip around before coiling it back up.
  • Crystallon forms his hand into a myriad of crystals before reforming it into his hand.

Finishing Moves

  • Crystallon coils his opponent with his whip, then kicks them away.
  • Crystallon drops a construct in the shape of a weight on his opponent.


  • Crystallon can switch between his forms when he has enough crystals to assume those forms. This is measured by a meter around his character portrait.
    • Crystallon can gain crystals by breaking objects.
  • Crystallon's crystal body is based off of the titular PS4 protagonist Knack. In the game, Knack can grow bigger by absorbing relics or other materials, such as ice, wood, and crystal.
  • Crystallon's Toy Tag is based on details from himself (left), his friend Dreamkeeper (middle), and his other friend Miss Techna (right). It is one of two Toy Tags to be based on more than one character; the other belongs to Zakonu.


Crystallon Toy Tag

Crystallon and co.'s Toy Tag