Crystalline Mass   Glitzy Flyer   Six-Shard Shooter    
Crystalline Mass
Crystalline Mass
Crystalline Mass
Owner Crystallon


Miss Techna

Abilities Laser

Crystal LEGO Blowup

Set Crystallon Fun Pack

The Crystalline Mass is a Choose Your Fighter! gadget in LEGO Dimensions. It is Crystallon, Dreamkeeper, and Miss Techna's personal gadget and is included in the Crystallon Fun Pack.


Crystallon kept the shards of his Crystal Comet after settling down on the floating island. Many of the shards could be formed into weapons or even vehicles. Crystallon can take advantage of the crystalline mass to form a weapon for his crystal body.


  • Laser
    • Crystal LEGO Blowup
      • Shard Charge


  • The Crystalline Mass gives an instant level-up to Crystallon's Crystal Body (or one random Mode for Dreamkeeper) upon being destroyed.
  • This is the only vehicle to have Shard Charge.