Count Lionel
Count Lionel
Character information
Name Count Lionel
Gender Male
Franchise Venture Halloween
Occupation Demon
Residence Venture
Count Lionel is a Venture Halloween NPC in LEGO Dimensions.


Lionel was a demon locked in a temple in a Venture Rain Forest, and was unleashed by Robert Jacob when he was cornered by cannibals and shooters, by building an altar. Lionel was a malevolent beast of mass murder, but he took extreme favor in the Jacob brothers for freeing him. He has since helped Robert from underground by creating Magic Gold Armor for him. In Venture Halloween, Lionel is shown in the castle bar, alongside the likes of Zombie Labmen, Willy Daniels, and Famished Castaway. He is allied with Oba, despite how different their religions are.


  • He is the first Creepypasta character in LEGO Dimensions.

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