Character information
Name Chuks
Gender Male
Franchise WWIII
Weapons/Accessories Crossbow
Occupation Robber
Residence Guilin
*Deep Inhale*
— Chuks' first line when entering the game
— Chuks' second line when entering the game
— Chuks' third line when entering the game
Chuks is a WWIII character in LEGO Dimensions.


Chuks was, a 100-year-old African Indian, became Anthony Took's companion after Took, an officer at the time, refused an order to murder him, for which Took was dismissed from the Navy and became a thief. To repay this debt, Chuks protected Took for the rest of his life, and served as the gunner on their RV. Standing at 7 feet tall, Chuks has a crewcut, and wears only bondage trousers. His weapon of choice is a crossbow.


  • Target
  • Super Strength


— Chuks talking to Flappin
— Chuks talking to Cyborg
— Chuks talking to Jake


  • He is portrayed by Carmelo Anthony, and uses Archive Audio due to Chuks only grunting in the film.

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