Character Information
Name Chuck


Franchise The Angry Birds Movie
Weapons/Accessories None
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Piggy Air Force Plane
Occupation Member Of The Flock
Residence Bird Island
It's Chuck Time!
— Chuck's first line when entering the game
Fast and Furious!
— Chuck's second line when entering the game
The fastest bird on Bird Island is here!
— Chuck's third line when entering the game

Chuck is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the The Angry Birds Movie Team Pack for the The Angry Birds Movie franchise.


Chuck follows Red on his journey against the pigs after meeting him in an anger management class with Bomb.

Dimension Crisis



The Angry Birds Movie: Bird Island


  • Super Speed
  • Mini Access
  • Electricty (Super Speed)
  • Slurp Access
  • Sonar Smash (Mighty Eagle Noise)


Ill be back later! I have to go to my house, and Bomb's house, and the Infinity Acceptance Center, and the Bird Feeder Restaurant and...
— Chuck's first line when leaving the game
Sorry, I gotta go! I hope the police doesn't give me another speed ticket.
— Chuck's second line when leaving the game
I'm going to see what the rest of the Flock are doing. Bye!
— Chuck's third line when leaving the game
Someone has anger issues...
— Chuck when in combat
I’m gonna get ready!
— Chuck when in combat
Not even my running, dancing, jumping, singing, hopping, skipping, fencing, spinning, twirling or knitting skills can solve this.
— Chuck's line when unable to solve a puzzle
Stand back guys, I got this!
— Chuck's line when able to solve a puzzle
And the yellow speedster strikes again!
— Chuck after solving a puzzle
Ooh, it's shiny! And it's yellow, my favorite color! Hmm... I also like red too... and brown, and black, and green, and orange, and pink, and there's so many colors I like!
— Chuck when obtaining a collectible
Eagle, heron, peacock, warrior, mountain, tree, rabbit, fish, locust, king pigeon, and of course, downward duck.
— Chuck when idle
I wonder why I'm standing still right now! Keep moving! Run like the wind! Ooh, I should probably come up with others...
— Chuck when idle
Even I think I'm too slow for this!
— Chuck's first line when in the rift
I wasn't ready!
— Chuck second line when in the rift
This is the house of horrors!
— Chuck when respawning
I'm more of a medic than a mechanic, but all right!
— Chuck when upgrading a vehicle
Hey, new record time for fixing!
— Chuck when upgrading a vehicle
You may have strength, but Ive got the speed here!
— Chuck when entering a mech or seeing a giant character
That part about them I really admire.
— Chuck before comforting a boss
Wait, are you me? Wait.. did I just break time again?!
— Chuck's response when seeing Chuck
Fastest thing alive, don't try to ruin my title as the fastest thing alive on Bird Island, okay?
— Chuck when seeing Sonic the Hedgehog
Wish I brought my wizard costume here. I had so many adventures with my friends with that thing on!
— Chuck when seeing Gandalf
You should be Stella sometime! She's adventurous and hardcore too!
— Chuck when seeing Wyldstyle
You've seen zombies, right? My friends and I have to deal with "candy eating zombie pigs" every Halloween night.
— Chuck when seeing Steve
There's a rock concert happening at Bird Island this week. Maybe you should come sometime.
— Chuck when seeing GameTime
If you're the master of life, I'm the master of DANCING!
— Chuck when seeing Lloyd (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)
A superhero and a GCPD chief? I guess Officer Bill Beakins did mean it when he said he said he was going to tell my crimes on the highest of all people.
— Chuck when seeing Batgirl
Wait, the pigs are robotizing humans too?! Ok, that’s way too far now!
— Chuck when seeing Cyborg

Idle Animations

  • Chuck does a bunch of yoga positions. This is a reference to the movie.
  • Chuck gets a slice of cake and eats it. He puts it away after a few bites.

Finishing Moves

  • Chuck slows down time to drop a paint bucket on the enemy's head
  • Chuck slows down time to stick a plunger on the enemy and pulling it back causing the enemy to be slingshoted backwards


  • Josh Gad voices Chuck in the movie. He will reprise his role as him in the game.
  • Other quotes will be added later as well as background info.