Captain James T. Kirk
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Character Information
Name Captain James T. Kirk
Gender Male
Franchise Star Trek
Weapons/Accessories Blaster
Vehicles and/or Gadgets USS Enterprise
Occupation Captain of USS Enterprise
Residence USS Enterprise
Beam me up.
— Kirk's first line when entering the game
There's no such thing as the unknown- only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood.
— Kirk's second line when entering the game
I'm from Iowa. I only work in outer space.
— Kirk's third line when entering the game

James T. Kirk is one of the Team Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Star Trek franchise. He appears in the Star Trek Team Pack


  • Target
  • Laser
  • Hacking
  • Technology
  • Intelligence


Excuse me.
— Kirk's first line when leaving the game
Have to take him back inside myself.
— Kirk's second line when leaving the game
Out there... thataway.
— Kirk's third line when leaving the game
Everybody remember where we parked.
— Kirk when in the Vortex
You'd make a splendid computer, Mr. Spock.
— Kirk to Commander Spock
We humans are full of unpredictable emotions that logic cannot solve.
— Kirk to Lone Starr
I'm a soldier, not a diplomat. I can only tell you the truth!
— Kirk to Luke
There'll only be one of you in the end.
— Kirk to Kirk
I want the impossible checked out too!
— Kirk to Ethan Hunt
We're living beings, not playthings for your amusement!
— Kirk to Big-Fig/Mech
Is it permitted?
— Kirk finding a collectable
I'm not sure, but I think we've just been insulted.
— Kirk when unable to solve a puzzle
The cause you fought about no longer exists... Give up your hate.
— Kirk in combat
Well, I shall try to be less rigid in my thinking.
— Kirk when respawning


  • William Shatner plays Kirk via archive audio.