Character Information
Name Calvin
Gender Male
Franchise Calvin and Hobbes
Weapons/Accessories N/A
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Cardboard Box
Occupation imaginative first grader
Residence Calvin and Hobbes World

Calvin is one of the Story Pack characters for Lego Dimensions. He appears in the TBA Story Pack for the Calvin and Hobbes franchise.


Calvin is an imaginative first grader in an unknown town. One day,he decides to check a tiger trap and he finds Hobbes. From that day,Calvin and Hobbes became best friends,going on crazy adventures around his town. 

Dimensions Crisis



Ah,I see you need me and my imagination,right?
— Calvin's line when entering the game.
Hey guys,I'm here now!
— Calvin's second line when entering the game
Calvin the bold,at your service!
— Calvin's third line when entering the game
Oop! My genius is required elsewhere. Gotta roll.
— Calvin's first line when entering the game.
Shoot,I'm late for another G.R.O.S.S. meeting!
— Calvin's second line when entering the game.
Gotta go. There are some water balloons that need to be filled.
— Calvin's third line when entering the game.
Great! The ol' cardboard box! Right here when I need it!
— Calvin when riding the Cardboard Box
Hobbes! Hey ol' buddy! You'll never believe what happened today!
— Calvin when seeing Hobbes
I thought the only superhero was Captain Napalm.
— Calvin when seeing Superman
Batman! Sweet! Can I get your autograph on one of my Batman comic books?
— Calvin when seeing Batman
I know you have a water balloon cannon,Susie,but I can still outsmart you!
— Calvin when seeing Susie
Sweet! I can slime Susie too!
— Calvin when riding the Slime Shooter
How on earth did you cram an entire time machine into a phone booth?
— Calvin when seeing The Doctor
I bet Stupendous Man could outrun you.
— Calvin when seeing Sonic
Red's definitely the color in style. Nice choice,bro.
— Calvin when seeing Red
Great! Another killer bicycle!
— Calvin's line when riding Elliott's bike
This is the place where the most evil resides
— Calvin when in the Calvin and Hobbes World
Fear Calvin the Bold! I said FEAR ME!
— Calvin when in combat.
— Calvin when in the vortex.
So,this is the TARDIS. Interesting.
— Calvin when in the TARDIS.
Hey,Benny. I know how it feels to be in space. It's really fun,except when you're captured by aliens.
— Calvin when seeing Benny.
Brennan, I'm telling you, annoying roommates is annoying. I happen to know a certain tiger who gets on my nerves...
— Calvin when seeing Brennan Huff.