Bubble Buddy Returns Again is a Quest you can find in the Spongebob Squarepants world given by Bubble Buddy.


Upon Approaching

"Oh my, how did you un-pop me? Oh yeah, right, you blew me back up. Anyway, could you help me for a minute?" - Bubble Buddy upon approaching him

Start of the Quest

"Hi there. Thanks for un-popping me. Anyway, I was off to visit my friend/creator SpongeBob, but then I realized I don't know where his house is. I tried to ask for directions, but then someone popped me thinking I was a person-shaped bubble! Kids these days, I'll tell ya.
You seem to know your way around here, though. Could YOU help me find SpongeBob's house? I'll find a nice reward to give you in return. Oh! And there might be people who might pop me again! Help me with that, too. Protect me, like what those people call, uh, 'bodyguards'." - Bubble Buddy at the start of the Quest.

Quest Duration

"Alright, then. Let's go!" - Bubble Buddy if the player accepts the quest
"Uh oh, we've got company! Now's the time to do that 'bodyguard' thing!" - Bubble Buddy when the first wave of enemies appear
"I think we're safe...for now. Let's keep going." - Bubble Buddy after defeating the first wave of enemies
"Hey, you! You think you're gonna pop me? Not before I pop YOU!" - Bubble Buddy when the second wave of enemies appear
"I think we're almost there. Are we?" - Bubble Buddy after defeating the second wave of enemies
"Oh, and so close! Now's the time we really teach those bubble poppin' boys a lesson. Let's do this! For the sake of bubbles everywhere!" - Bubble Buddy when the final wave of enemies appear

End of the Quest

"Thank you for protecting me! It was thanks to you that you saved my life, and more importantly, you showed me where SpongeBob lives! In a pineapple! Ha, ha, that sponge kid really cracks me up that way...
Oh yeah, and about that reward... How about this weird block? One of those bubble poppin' boys was carrying it. I don't really know what to do with it. You should have it." - Bubble Buddy upon quest completion


Protect Bubble Buddy from enemies who might pop him while you lead him to SpongeBob's house.

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