Princess Blurri

LEGO Blurri

Jingle Bell Blurri

Character Information
Name Princess Blurri
Gender Female
Franchise AnthonyM and the World of Sketch
Weapons/Accessories Cyclone Spear
Vehicles and/or Gadgets SS Mixium
Occupation Princess of Cloud Palace (U23)
Residence Stratosville (U23)
Time to blow away the opposition!
— Blurri's first line when entering the game
The princess has arrived!
— Blurri's second line when entering the game
Hey hey! I'm Blurri!
— Blurri's third line when entering the game
A happy holiday to all!
— Jingle Bell Blurri's unique entrance line
Blurri (pronounced "blue-ri") is a Fun Pack character for the AnthonyM and the World of Sketch franchise.



Blurri is the princess of Stratosville and the Wind Sprites that live there. Being born into royalty, she was treated to a life of luxury. However, deep down, she knew she didn't want to live like a princess. She snuck out and joined the royal guard under the secret identity of Nimbus. Before she could finish her training, she revealed herself as Blurri and took the final test, impressing everyone and breaking the mentality that princesses can't fight. Accepting her spot as a knight and a princess, she would eventually cross paths with AnthonyM, Strongarm, and Techo. Alongside them, she protected her city from vicious Darklanders, hosted a Guardianship Ceremony, and then pitched the idea of a vigialnte team which they agreed to call the M-Crew. Blurri thinks of herself as the glue holding the team together, as she was the one to influence many of the team's decisions, from its creation to the construction of the SS Mixium.

Jingle Bell Blurri

Blurri had decided on a whim that she wanted to help Santa Claus by spreading Christmas spirit around Sketchia; sewing herself a new set of clothes, she took to the streets of Penciltown, spreading Christmas spirit to all of the townspeople who crossed paths with her. This caught the attention of Santa Claus himself, and the two would deliver presents to all the children of Earth-23 on that fateful Christmas Eve.

Blurri's Stats

She has very low Attack and decent Defense, but is also the one with the highest Speed stat out of them all, even rivaling the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Dimensions Crisis

Blurri is quite enthusiastic about exploring the multiverse, and is willing to help the other M-Crew members when they need her help. Although she's not as enthusiastic about fighting Lord Vortech...


  • World of Sketch: Stratosville (U23)


  • Acrobatics (high jump)
  • Super Speed
  • Pole Vault
  • Flight
  • Dive
  • Magic (Mageorb Staff)
  • The Five Elements (Knight's Badges)
    • Wind Push (Cyclone Badge)
    • Laser (Solar Badge)
    • Water Spray (Raindrop Badge)
    • Ice Blast (Snowflake Badge)
    • Electricity (Thunderbolt Badge)
  • Arcanus Summon (blue)
  • Sketchian Combo-Combat


Uh-oh! I sense a storm brewing back home!
— Blurri's first line when leaving the game
I'll be back soon! Don't hog all the fun, guys!
— Blurri's second line when leaving the game
Blurri, reporting to base!
— Blurri's third line when leaving the game
Time to make my... point! Bring it on.
— Blurri when in combat
I'm not gonna try to do this. I already know I lack the ability to.
— Blurri when unable to solve a puzzle
C'mon. This is nothing!
— Blurri when able to solve a puzzle
I wonder how my parents are holding up?
— Blurri when idle
Wheeee! This is fun to fly through!
— Blurri's first line when in the rift
Hope I can stick the landing... better be alert!
— Blurri's second line when in the rift
Time to play mechanic for a day.
— Blurri's first line when upgrading
Maybe I'll run this by Techo. See how ecstatic he'll be...
— Blurri's second line when upgrading
Like the wind, I cannot be quelled!
— Blurri when respawning
Am I talking to... myself? Hi... there.
— Blurri to Blurri
AnthonyM, what brings you to this occasion? Battle? Curiosity? Or just some elusive snacks?
— Blurri to AnthonyM
Strongarm, you're just in time. I might need to fight off some baddies and you can definitely help me there, can you?
— Blurri to Strongarm
Techo! Thank goodness you're here! I was feeling a bit lonely without you.
— Blurri to Techo
Shadus, I will slap the ever-loving heck outta you if you pull a prank behind my back!
— Blurri to Shadus
AnthonyM loves to drive this around and I can see why.
— Blurri when in Guardian-Cycle
Hope Techo doesn't mind me blasting some baddies with this!
— Blurri when in Techo's Shooter Ship
Let's set sail... for greater reaches!
— Blurri when in SS Mixium
C'mon. Lighten up! With me by your side, you have nothing to worry about.
— Blurri to Bastion
That's a nice spear you have there. I just hope you don't have it pointed AT me...
— Blurri to Pearl
Is that how you greet a Wind Sprite, good sir? Because that was certainly rude.
— Blurri in response to Davis Finlay
Are you a Stratos Knight in training? You certainly look the part.
— Blurri to Dig

Special Variant

Jingle Bell Blurri is packaged in a special Holiday Pack which includes all 5 AnthonyM characters. Each has a unique variant, and Blurri's is themed around the December holidays, particularly Christmas. Her clothes are colored pine green, white, and red.

Miscellaneous Actions

Entrance and Exit

  • Blurri flies out of the portal and twirls her spear, then jabs it forward.
  • Jingle Bell Blurri flies out of the portal, and does a vocal warmup before readying her spear.
  • Blurri waves at the camera and flies into the portal.

Idle Animations

  • Blurri twirls her spear around while humming ♪Kick It Into High Gear (Blurri)- AnthonyM and the World of Sketch♪.
  • Blurri lets a dove rest on her hand, and pets it before letting it fly off.
  • Jingle Bell Blurri grabs a gift box and shakes it before putting it away.

Finishing Moves

  • Blurri grabs her opponent with the crack in her spear, and then throws them downward.
  • Blurri lets her mechanical wings blow the enemy toward her, then she stabs them with her spear.


  • Blurri floats instead of walking, much like Marceline. This is a natural ability that Wind Sprites posess in the series.
  • Blurri has the possibility of being voiced by Hynden Walch, who commonly voices Princess Bubblegum and Starfire.
  • Blurri's Toy Tag is based around her shirt, flight apparatus, and spear flag.
  • Her Wind Push allows a player to push blocks without even touching them.
    • It also has its own interactive puzzles, like turning pinwheels or blowing away light obstacles.


Blurri Toy Tag

Blurri's Toy Tag

Jingle Bell Blurri Toy Tag

Jingle Bell Blurri's Toy Tag