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Blacksmith Station
Blacksmith Station
Blacksmith Station
Owner Zarrus
Abilities Blacksmith Docks

Melt Ice

Set Zarrus Level Pack

The Blacksmith Station is a Choose Your Fighter! vehicle in LEGO Dimensions. It is Zarrus's personal gadget and is included in the Zarrus Level Pack.


Zarrus constantly carries a blacksmithing station on his furnace backpack, but sometimes that isn't enough. When he needs to tend to bigger jobs, he has a bigger station to fall back on. This can be used to enchant swords and repair them if necessary. To sentient swords, like Cibna Dragus (Cybern's sword), it's almost like getting a haircut.

The Musings of a Wandering Blacksmith

Zarrus finds his only spare sword broken after fighting another Vortech Blacksmith, so he must repair his sword, as well as the swords of several guildsmen who were captured by the enemy. After the player builds this device, Zarrus is given a few Enchant Crystals and a minigame ensues.


  • Blacksmith Docks
  • Melt Ice


  • This gadget is styled after the Blacksmith Station that Zarrus works with at Cibna Village.
    • Zarrus must carry it and put it on a Blacksmith Dock before it can be used.
  • This is the only gadget to melt ice without the use of a laser. Its furnace melts ice by just being next to it.
  • After using this for the first time, Zarrus is temporarily granted the Sword Switch ability.

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