Bill Cipher
Character Information
Name Bill Cipher
Gender Male
Franchise Gravity Falls
Weapons/Accessories Powers
Occupation Being evil
Residence another dimension

Bill Cipher is a Fun Pack character from the franchise Gravity Falls.


Bill Cipher made his appearance in the Disney XD show, Gravity Falls. He first appeared as a "Dream Demon" and was, at first, a one-time character. Due to his popularity though, he was made into the main antagonist of the show and quickly became a fan-favorite character.


  • Invincibility
  • Flight
  • Laser Vision
  • Teleportation
  • Telekinesis
  • Growth
  • Portal Opening


"Names Bill, but you can call me your future ruler!"-When entering the game (#1)

"They have no idea...HAHAHA!"-When entering the game (#2)

"I'm always here, always watching. Did ya know that?"-When entering the game (#3)

"Ha! This'll be like an Ant fighting a God of death and destruction!"-When entering combat

"This oughta be easy. I know lots of things!...LOT'S OF THINGS."-When trying to solve a puzzle

"Gah! Stupid game rules!"-When failing to solve a puzzle

"I don't need this, but I'm taking it so you can't have it!"-When finding a collectable

"This can fit a lot more then just me, ya know!"-When riding his Monster Truck

"Remember, reality is an illusion all is lost buy gold BYE!"-When leaving (#1)

"Welp, my work here is done!...F O R  N O W..."-When leaving (#2)



  • Bill's vehicle, the Monster Truck, comes from the Series Finale.
  • He is voiced by Nolan North in this game.