Character information
Name Bill
Gender Male
Franchise WWIII
Weapons/Accessories Submachine Gun, Telekinetic Scimitar
Occupation Farmer
Residence Death Valley National Park
Agh, what now? I was working on moisture extraction!
— Bill's first line when entering the game
Where am I? Who are you? Oh yeah, I remember!
— Bill's second line when entering the game
Then this!
— Bill's third line when entering the game
Bill is a WWIII character in LEGO Dimensions.


Bill Gunther lived on a moisture extraction farm in Death Valley National Park with his parents. Bill took his first step toward his destiny when the family went on vacation to Tunisia and bought the dolls C and R. When R got lost, Bill went to find him and encountered Sensei Benjamin, an old hermit. Bill discovered that R's zipper pouch contained a message for Ben from Lady Catherine of the Caribbean beseeching him to help her destroy the Talarican Nation. Ben told Bill that him and Bill's uncle were once a duo of knights, and that his ungle was assassinated by a traitorous knight named Douglas Artur. Ben presented Bill with his uncle's Telekinetic Scimitar and offered to take him to the Caribbean and train him in the ways of telekinesis.

Bill returns home to tell his parents the news, only to find that Shock Soldiers have murdered his parents. Him and Ben then obtain passage with crooks Anthony Took and Chuks on Took's RV, only to find that the half of the world, including the Caribbeans the has been nuked by Douglas Artur. Ben is decapitated in a duel with Artur, but Bill and his allies escape.

During the film's climax, Bill joins the Resistance in attacking the ISS. In the moat leading to the ISS's nuclear exhaust, Bill hears Ben's voice telling him advice, he takes it and turns off his rocket biplane's missile guidance system, instead using Psychokinesis to guide the torpedos and destroy the ISS.


  • Target
  • Vine Cut


  • He is portrayed by Carter Jenkins, who reprises his role in the game.


Bill vs Raider

Bill in a firefight with a raider.

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