Jonah Head Battering Head Laser Head
Battering Head
Battering Head
Battering Head
Owner Doctor Kurt
Abilities *Silver LEGO Blowup
Set Crash Potatoes Level Pack
When the moonbeam hits your eyeball, like a great Friday.
— Battering Head's line when entering the game
Battering Head is a Crash Potatoes gadget in LEGO Dimensions.


Battering Head is a flammable but destructive vehicle. He can hit multiple people. He moves slowly with medium attacking speed, and can almost kill anyone on his first hit, and obliterates them by the second. Battering Head hovers in water, but cannot move.


  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Ramming)


That is Amore!
— Battering Head's line when entering the game


  • Unlike other characters and objects with Silver LEGO Blowup, Battering Head does not actually use explosives: instead, it rams itself in the silver LEGO, causing an explosion.
  • Designed by DestinyIntwined.

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