AnthonyM vs Vortech is a playable AnthonyM and the World of Sketch level in LEGO Dimensions, when you purchase the AnthonyM Story Pack.


Citizen in Peril

  • Miss Techna

She can be found by simply punching an out-of-the-way barrel.

Rule Breaker

  • 20,000 Studs

Abilities Needed to Complete the Level 100%

  • All abilities posessed by the quantum quartet must be used to find Minikits.


Section 1- Into the Vortex!

AnthonyM and co. learn that Lord Vortech possesses the final Keystone and must fight him for it. So, they proceed to trap him in a rift loop induced by Guardian Flames. The player must grab the Block Keystones and use them to throw blocks as they fall onto him. Then, they must fight him in a similar manner to his fight in The Final Dimension. However, he reveals his ace in the hole. During each phase of the fight, he summons dark clones of AnthonyM and his crew to fight the four. Dark AnthonyM must be taken down by performing an Arcanus Finish on him (AnthonyM will have to summon his Arcanus after dazing the boss). Dark Strongarm and Dark Techo fight together, and you must dodge then counter Dark Strongarm's punches to daze him for an Arcanus Finish. An alternative is using Powerhouse Emma to elicit a Fistlock, then win it. Dark Techo will erect turrets to hide behind and you have to sneak behind them to daze Dark Techo. Dark Blurri will hide behind colored panels and you have to color them all orange using Squid Kid's color gun. After all the panels are turned orange, Dark Blurri will be open to attack and you can daze her. After damaging Lord Vortech three times, the five emerge out of the rift loop.

Section 2- The Final Keystone

AnthonyM claims the final Keystone and attaches it to the Gateway, granting him and his friends its powers. Now, it's time for the final stand. Atop the Command Base, AnthonyM and co. must put the Locate Keystone's powers to use and find a way to defeat Lord Vortech once and for all. After defeating a wave of minions, X-PO will lift in a Keystone Changer to Locate another helper item. Locate the items three times and on the fourth time, the Block Keystone blocks will form into a giant fist, which AnthonyM uses to punch Vortech into the rift, trapping him in a quantum prison set up by Techo.


  • This is the only AnthonyM level that does not require characters from other packs to 100%.
  • The Dark M-Crew are all fought by pack type.
    • Story Pack (AnthonyM), Team Pack (Strongarm/Techo), and Fun Pack (Blurri).