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AnthonyM and the World of Sketch is a franchise in LEGO Dimensions.


There exists a multiverse known as the Quantum River, where 25 Sketchian universes (each with infinite sub-realities) exist. When ideas are created, they take physical form in Sketchia before transcending.

AnthonyM is the first human to enter this world, and he has a daunting task ahead of him... keep the Sketchians safe. However, he cannot do it alone. With the help of his friends Strongarm, Techo, and Blurri, he will do whatever he can to maintain order within Sketchia-23.

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Standard Variants

BATTLE ARENA: Penciltown Square

BATTLE ARENA: Zeloka Trading Outpost

BATTLE ARENA: Stratosville Colosseum

BATTLE ARENA: Umbra Village

BATTLE ARENA: Penciltown Square at Sunset

Special Variants

BATTLE ARENA: Guardian's Sanctum Pocket Dimension




Mission complete, crisis averted!

  • Complete all 6 AnthonyM Levels

Let's slam some faces and break some rules!

  • Achieve Rule Breaker status in any AnthonyM Level

Guardian's gotta help those in need!

  • Complete any quest in World of Sketch


World of Sketch Portal

Portal to World of Sketch

Block Keystone

Block Keystone, the Keystone for AnthonyM's Story levels.