This article will detail all quotes AnthonyM has with any official characters.

Year 1

DC Comics

Batman? Nice to see you here!
— AnthonyM to Batman
We fight for justice! With my fists and your lasso, we'll make an excellent fighting duo. You game?
— AnthonyM to Wonder Woman
Hey, Cyborg. If you need any repairs or recharges, I'd be happy to call up my friend Techo.
— AnthonyM to Cyborg
Don't clown around with ME, Joker. One prankster's enough to deal with.
— AnthonyM to The Joker
I dunno whether to compliment your color choice or be cautious about that giant hammer. Probably BOTH would be a good idea!
— AnthonyM to Harley Quinn
So, you're Aquaman. I'm so knee deep in water puns, but I'll refrain in case you don't like puns.
— AnthonyM to Aquaman
You might be a strong fighter, but strength doesn't make the fighter by itself.
— AnthonyM to Bane
Well, aren't YOU fancy with your many arrows!
— AnthonyM to Green Arrow
So, Supergirl. How's it like being a super girl?
— AnthonyM to Supergirl

The LEGO Movie

Wyldstyle, huh? You certainly live up to your name!
— AnthonyM to Wyldstyle
Everything is awesome... everything is cool when you're part of a team! Sing it with me now!
— AnthonyM to Emmet
So, Benny. Wanna build a... spaceship?
— AnthonyM to Benny
Relax a little, Bad Cop. You look a little stiff... oh, wait.
— AnthonyM to Bad Cop
Unikitty? THE Princess Unikitty? It is such an honor to meet you!
— AnthonyM to Unikitty

The Lord of the Rings

How's the quest for the ring gone, Gandalf?
— AnthonyM to Gandalf
I admire someone who can work well with a bow, like a good friend of mine.
— AnthonyM to Legolas
For a little guy, you certainly are strong... and hairy.
— AnthonyM to Gimli
Your precious ain't nearby, Gollum. And before you ask me, I have no idea exactly where it is!
— AnthonyM to Gollum


The lady behind the portal gun. I must say, you are quite the puzzler.
— AnthonyM to Chell

The Wizard of Oz

Don't MAKE me use Mixo Spout. I will end you.
— AnthonyM to Wicked Witch

Midway Arcade

Sweet, another fan of video games. Maybe we can meet up for a few arcade games sometime soon. Whatcha say about that?
— AnthonyM to Gamer Kid


Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you? Oh, wait...
— AnthonyM to Scooby-Doo
Well, zoinks! Quite the time to bump into you, Shaggy. Do you happen to have any spare snacks?
— AnthonyM to Shaggy

Jurassic World

Well, I never thought I'd meet a dino trainer without having to time travel...
— AnthonyM to Owen Grady
How'd you get your hands on a Shock Staff? Oh, wait... that's just a stun rod.
— AnthonyM to ACU Trooper

Doctor Who

It's a pleasure to meet you, Doctor. I hear you're in posession of a quantum-travel device with its own pocket dimension.
— AnthonyM to The Doctor
Well, might just take you to Techo... see what makes you tick.
— AnthonyM to Cyberman

Back to the Future

Hey, Marty. How's about I hook you up with a Sketchian hoverboard? You haven't seen anything until you try one.
— AnthonyM to Marty McFly
So, you're the man behind the temporal DeLorean. It's nice to meet you, Doc.
— AnthonyM to Doc Brown

The Simpsons

This certainly ain't the craziest thing that's happened in your life, but hey, it beats being bored on the couch.
— AnthonyM to Homer Simpson
Don't try any pranks, Bart. I've got my eye on you...
— AnthonyM to Bart Simpson
You certainly aren't clowning around today, are ya, Krusty?
— AnthonyM to Krusty the Clown

LEGO Legends of Chima

I'd be lion if I didn't say I like your puns. I'm fur real on that statement, Laval.
— AnthonyM to Laval
You seem ready to croco-dial up the action, Cragger. Go get 'em!
— AnthonyM to Cragger
Eris the eagle. It's nice to meet you, and I know you'd get along great with my friend, Blurri.
— AnthonyM to Eris


When there's something strange in the neighborhood, I know who I'm gonna call; you!
— AnthonyM to Peter Venkman
I'm not afraid to eat ya. So don't MAKE me!
— AnthonyM to Stay Puft
Well, aren't YOU a ghastly sight. Don't make me zap ya with a Mixium bolt.
— AnthonyM to Slimer
I respect your field of expertise. Ghost studies ain't all that easy.
— AnthonyM to Abby Yates

LEGO Ninjago

Well, aren't YOU a cool customer, Zane?
— AnthonyM to Zane
You and Techo would probably get along quite well. He's also a skilled mechanic.
— AnthonyM to Nya
Might I say that you and my friend Techo are the zip-zappiest characters I've ever met?
— AnthonyM to Jay
I wonder how well you and Strongarm would get along. You're both masters of the earth element!
— AnthonyM to Cole
You're quite the fiery fellow, Kai. I respect ya!
— AnthonyM to Kai
I wouldn't want to get in a fight with you, even with my gauntlets. You look a little TOO formidable for me, Sensei Wu.
— AnthonyM to Sensei Wu
You're a bright spark, Lloyd! Keep on training, even if you're a master.
— AnthonyM to Lloyd

Year 2

Adventure Time

Finn. Hey, Finn. Finn! ...What time is it?
— AnthonyM to Finn
You're quite the stretchy fellow. That's pretty cool, Jake!
— AnthonyM to Jake
Well, I never thought I'd meet you, LSP. Whether that's a good thing or not is still up in the air for me.
— AnthonyM to Lumpy Space Princess
Oh hey, Marceline, you like fries too? I LOVE fries!
— AnthonyM to Marceline

Harry Potter

Well well, it's certainly nice to meet The Boy Who Lived. Still trying to find those Horcruxes, I see?
— AnthonyM to Harry Potter
A-ha! I found you, Voldemort! Time to take you in.
— AnthonyM to Voldemort
Not gonna lie, I'm kind of a bit panicky talking with you, Hermione. I don't wanna say something bad in fear of getting a spell to the face.
— AnthonyM to Hermione Granger

Mission: Impossible

Very precise, very stealthy, always has a plan... you remind me of someone I know.
— AnthonyM to Ethan Hunt

The A-Team

I pity the fool who chooses to fight you. Why? Because I'm fightin' them too.
— AnthonyM to B.A. Baracus

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I'm very intrigued at your briefcase, Newt. It's got a whole other world inside it, and it's magic instead of technology.
— AnthonyM to Newt Scamander
It's definitely not a normal day today, Tina. And we're definitely not in New York anymore... or are we?
— AnthonyM to Tina Goldstein

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic? Sonic the Hedgehog? Oh man, I am so GLAD to finally meet you, Blue Blur.
— AnthonyM to Sonic the Hedgehog

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

You seem lost, little guy. Where's your home?
— AnthonyM to E.T.


So, you're Gizmo, the mogwai. Do you need a bit of shade? I can happily shade you from the sun... and keep you away from water.
— AnthonyM to Gizmo
Well, aren't YOU a sight for sore eyes, Stripe. Your mug looks like one I wouldn't mind punching into oblivion.
— AnthonyM to Stripe

The LEGO Batman Movie

You seem like quite the showoff with your many suits.
— AnthonyM to LEGO Batman or Excalibur Batman
Maybe I could get you some better-fitting pants, Robin?
— AnthonyM to Robin
Any baddies around here, Batgirl? I've been looking for a few purple fellows.
— AnthonyM to Batgirl

Knight Rider

A hero with some cool hair and a talking car. I've seen crazier things where I live.
— AnthonyM to Michael Knight

The Goonies

You ready for an adventure, Sloth?
— AnthonyM to Sloth

LEGO City: Undercover

A cop and a Guardian walk into the crime scene... what happens next?
— AnthonyM to Chase McCain

Teen Titans GO!

Your animal-transformation powers look very useful, Beast Boy. But how's your attention span?
— AnthonyM to Beast Boy
Your magic power seems quite potent, Raven! If only you didn't have to supress your emotions...
— AnthonyM to Raven
You have a lot to learn, Starfire... human customs are very varied.
— AnthonyM to Starfire

The Powerpuff Girls

With our powers and minds, we can take on the multiverse together, Blossom!
— AnthonyM to Blossom
You're such a cute little one, Bubbles. But I also know how much punch you pack.
— AnthonyM to Bubbles
If you and me stick together, Buttercup, fists are definitely gonna fly.
— AnthonyM to Buttercup


Don't MAKE me say your name three times, Betelguese. Oh wait... I just said it once. Mess with me and I'll say it again two more times.
— AnthonyM to Betelguese

LEGO Dimensions

Pull a fast one, and I'll make you wish you were in that quantum prison.
— AnthonyM to Lord Vortech